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Do You Really Want to Start a Business?
Or, do you just want to make some extra money?

If you browse the Internet searching for business opportunities for 10 minutes you are going to see hundreds of people telling you how easy it is to make money, start a business, retire to a beach etc, if only you buy this product, or that service, or whatever.

Truth is though, that while there are obviously shortcuts, and ways to make doing business much easier, establishing and being successful in an business takes a lot of 'hard' work and commitment.

So, before you jump into all that (perhaps you already have?) I would like you to consider:

’Do you really want to start an online business?’


'Do you just want to make some extra money?’

These might sound like strange questions, but believe me, I am serious. What I would like you to do is have a think about what your objective actually is. Why? because sometimes people set out to build a business and end up building a time-consuming monster, when all they really wanted was some extra funds to go on holidays, buy some nice stuff, or spend more time with their family.

Building a successful business can bring great rewards, but, believe it or not, building a business is just not for everybody…..So here is a set of questions for you to ponder, before you take the plunge, to see if a business is what you really want....

1 Do you have friends or people you know that are in business? Yes/No
2 Do you have  track record of taking action where others only talk about something? Yes/No
3 Do you have the capital and resources (including time) to establish a business? Yes/No
4 Are you trying to supplement as existing wage? Yes/No
5 Do you read, learn, and try new things often? Yes/No
6 Do you mind failing miserably? Yes/No
7 Can you in make tough decisions? Yes/No
8 Do you know exactly what you want and are you desperate to get it? Yes/No

If you answered YES to most or all of these questions, then perhaps a business is for you, read: Are You Ready to Start a Business?

and, whilst answering NO to any, or all, of these questions does not in anyway mean you can't build a great business, you may like to consider:

‘Well actually, I would just like to make some extra money’

There are ways to make money on the Internet without turning it into a business, and even if you are planning on building a business, some of the ways to make money might help you with cash flow, raising capital, or just learning about successful business models in the early stages of your businesses development.

Earning an Extra Income on the Internet and Beyond...

There are many benefits to adding an extra income, other than your current job, that can help you get rewards and find your own version of success in your life.

Ok so you might ask, 'What about the higher tax rate on a second job?'

Well, usually there’s not much you can do about that legally (maybe speak to your accountant) but I try to look at like this, the amount left over from your take home pay after bills, groceries, school fees etc, can regularly leave you with an empty wallet, so any extra amount on top of your normal job’s wage is money to use for whatever you like. Spend it, invest it, pay more off your mortgage, or buy that Elvis outfit you have always wanted, really whatever you like!

Plus, there are a few ways to make some extra money online that I have found that don’t attract an additional tax office donation, because they are considered ‘rewards’ not income, So let’s have a look at them….

Market Research - (

  • Paid Surveys & Rewards Programs
    If you can answer simple questions then there is a pretty easy way to make money with online paid survey and rewards programs. You probably won't make a fortune, but if are looking for a few extra dollars and getting gift cards and other products then have a look at this.

  • Focus Groups
    If you think you could attend a facilitated session with a market researcher to evaluate products and provide feedback then joining marketing focus groups might be an option. Session usually last 1-3 hours and you get paid cash ($30-$100) for each attended session.

  • Mystery Shopping
    If you are reasonably well organised, can visit stores and write up a report on the service you receive then mystery shopping could be an option. (Note: Mystery shopping can be viewed as independent contract work, and you may have to pay tax) You can get paid per assignment anywhere from $5 for phoning a call centre to $125 for making an enquiry about a home loan.

There are lots of places online to that are offering these types of opportunities, and like anything there some good ones, some average ones, and a few very bad ones. So it can help to get advice from a person that has experience. The web site provides you with a guide to joining survey & rewards programs, and where to get involved with focus groups and mystery shopping.

Here are some other money making opportunities you might like to have a look at:

Simple Money Making Opportunities

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