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Email Marketing 101

The basics of Writing an Email for Mass Distribution

Email is a powerful, cost effective way to promote your business and establish a valuable relationship with your customers.  But there are do's and don'ts of writing an Email.... 

Here are some useful tips...

1. If you are distributing to a list of clients, don't put your recipient names in the TO box use BCC, I don't like my email address distributed to unknown people and I'm sure the others don't like it either. BCC is easy to switch on in your email system, if you haven't got BCC upgrade or use secure lists.

2. Put an address in the TO box which explains why I'm getting the email. This could be It doesn't matter that the address will fail at your post box software the key thing is to give information to the recipient. Think all the time what they're receiving on their PC.

3. Don't SEND it from an unknown name like Lisa Jones, at least set up a meaningful name such as ABA2000, this can either be as or assign ABA2000 to your own physical address.

4. Put something relevant in the subject line, blank messages are likely to get immediately deleted before opening - so you lose. You've got less than 70 letters/characters to make an impression and persuade me to open the email you've got to use of all of these to maximum effect.

5. Next, make certain you've put enough information in the first three lines of the message to give people reason to open it. Many will be using preview in Outlook so this is an advantage you should consider. Then make certain ALL the information they need to decide to read the whole message is visible in the first screen-full.

6. Don't use PRIORITY unless it is really urgent,

7. Don't send attached files unless you really have to, then use csv or txt NOT xls or doc.

8. Point to a web site for complex information but always put the http:// in the address and ALWAYS check the URL before you send it out.

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