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Ken Evoy (Site Build It)

This guy has been around a long time in Internet marketing circles. I remember reading his 'affiliate masters course' back in around 2001 and it certainly had a big impact on the way I have developed my business. There are certainly many people around now that are pushing the 'niche marketing' strategy, but I would say with some confidence that Ken Evoy was probably the pioneer of it. It's pretty hard to find a bad word about Ken Evoy or Site Build It and that's got to say something for someone who has been around so long.

Site Build It is essentially a series of tools to automate the development and marketing of your web site.

My Verdict
Site Build It is great for newbies and pros alike, BUT, there is a lot of information and you really need to clear the decks of everything else you are doing to get the best value out of this resource.

Free Affiliate Masters Course
Site Build It (SBI) Video Tour
Site Build It Product
Affiliate Masters Course

More Information and user ratings
IM Report Card has user reviews of Ken Evoy and Site Build It (SBI)

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