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Mark Ling (Affilorama)

Affilorama is a training and community site for aspiring affiliate marketers. It was founded in 2006 by Mark Ling. They are based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Mark Ling is sort of a pizzaboy to millionaire story. The business has developed from a system that he developed to build affiliate mini-websites whilst he was at University. Like all good businesses should be doing, he began to utilise the knowledge he had developed by turning it into an information business, first by directly training others, and then by developing an online course and set of tools to automate the process.

AffiloBluePrint is a step by step guide to developing, marketing and monetizing affiliate mini-sites. Includes Tools for: Pay per click, Search Engine Optimisation, Market research, writing and web mastering.

My Verdict
What I like about Affilorama is its emphasis is on a system and action. It provides only the information that you need, and a straight forward system with the tools to put in action. Its not really that expensive, but, because it is a 12 week course, you need to invest your time as well as your money to get results. Whilst this course may not be for the absolute beginner, its hard to imagine a better place to start.


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