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The Better Business Creed

  • I will not make sales. I will make Customers.
  • I will target the heart of my Customer. Never their wallet.
  • My Customer is the lifeblood of my business.
  • Though I may sell my Customers what they want, I will deliver what they need and make their lives better.
  • Courtesy and Service are cornerstones of my relationship with my Customer.
  • I will view complaints as opportunities . . . opportunities to create lifelong Customers.
  • The quality of my products and how I treat my Customers will determine the level of My Success.
  • My prosperity will come from 'growing' people.
  • My best advertisement is my product, and, the Customer service behind it.
  • Making money without making friends is not good business.
  • I will guide my business with the perfect blend of heart and mind.
  • I will make Integrity my trademark. After all, isn't integrity all I have and all I will be remembered for?
  • I will compete only against myself as the only true measurement is against myself.
  • It is fine to fail. In fact, it is most often a requirement of success.
  • My reputation is everything - my ego, nothing.
  • Every pittance I earn unjustly is a debt of fortune I must repay.
  • No matter the fame or fortune that may follow me, My values, My family and My friends must remain at the very core of my being.
  • Better I be trusted and respected, than be materially rich.
  • Better I be a dolphin swimming with sharks, than a shark.

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