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Writing an Effective Email

FACT: When you send an email you are promoting your business.

When you write and  send an email you are making a direct one on one communication with a customer or potential customer. So it is important that the basics are right. Essentially it is written communication and the same rules apply see the article Effective Correspondence - The way you business communicates = your professionalism

Your Signature

It is amazing how many emails that I receive from businesses that do not in any way promote their business. A signature on the end of each email you send is an absolute essential. As a minimum you should always include contact details - web site address, email address, phone number and an elevator statement.

A perfect case in point - when you forward a funny joke to someone how often do you think they forward it to someone else? somebody you don't know - perhaps they are a potential customer? be nice if they knew where to find your business wouldn't it?

Signature files can be set up as default in most Email programs. So as soon as you click New Message, your signature file is attached. In some (certainly in OutLook) you can set up multiple signature files. This is particularly useful if you are running more than one business or want to promote different products.

Email Structure

To communicate effectively by email you need to follow some simple guidelines to get your message across and maximise response rates

1 - Put something in the Subject line that is written in terms of what will interest them. Speak to them in terms of what will be in their interest.

2 - Use words like "new" "you" :"how to" in your subject line. You are looking for words that give the impression of a benefit for the reader.

3 - The first line of the body of your email should flow on from what was in the subject line

4 - In the first paragraph you need to include a summary of everything that you want to say. Everything past the first paragraph should be an expansion on this.

5 - Include a signature file as above.


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